We offer a wide variety of waterproofing and other services, the following being the majority of it:

Building waterproofing (Roof)

  • Concrete roofing – concealed application
  • Concrete roofing – exposed application
  • Metal roofing application

Building waterproofing (Wall)

  • External wall application
  • Basement application
  • Elevator pits application
  • Wet area application
  • Toilet & Bathrooms
  • Balconies
  • Gutters
  • Plant boxes

Waterproofing - others

  • Concrete roofing – concealed application
  • Concrete roofing – exposed application
  • Metal roofing application

There are 2 types of different based products that are suitable in the application of all waterproofing system types:

Bitumen based industrial specialties:

  • Conventional Bitumen Emulsion
  • Polymer Modified Emulsion
  • Bitumen Paints
  • Joint Sealant

Non-Bitumen based industrial specialties:

  • Polymer waterproofing
  • Polymer coating
  • Fabric


Truly Elastomeric
Advantage: Flintkote Colourflex provides an elastomeric waterproofing seal that expands and contracts with the subtrate's thermal movement.
Benefit: Prevents the coating from cracking and peeling off.
Crack Bridging
Advantage: Flintkote Colourflex seals cracks permanently and accommodates movement of minor or hairline cracks that may develop on the substrate
Benefit: Prevents moisture ingress through the cracks.
UV Resistant
Advantage: Flintkote Colourflex is made of premium quality polymers that retain its flexibility and excellent waterproofing properties even after long-term UV exposure.
Benefit: Provides reliable long-term protection to buildings.
Advantage: Flintkote Colourflex forms a homogenous, seamless and watertight seal, with no weak points even on substrates of irregular shapes.
Benefit: Eliminates the possibility of water penetration into coated surfaces.
Total Adhesion
Advantage: Flintkote Colourflex bonds totally to the substrate.
Benefit: Prevents moisture ingress through the cracks.
Algae and Fungus Resistant
Advantage: Flintkote Colourflex helps to keep surfaces free from algae and fungal growth
Benefit: Building surfaces are cleaner and the built environment is healthier for the building occupants.
Extremely High Scrub Resistance
Advantage: Flintkote Colourflex has excellent scrub resistance to ensure high film strength and integrity
Benefit: Long term protection of your building assets and infrastructure.
Advantage: Flintkote Colourflex is a water-based coating which dries without releasing toxic vapours, thus eliminating harmful emmissions
Benefit: Ensures a safer working environment for all workers.
Advantage: Flintkote Colourflex comes in a range of pleasing colours designed to enhance the appearance of your walls and roofs.
Benefit: Provides a wide choice of colours for your waterproofing needs.